Miyako Airport in addition to Miyako Shimojima Airport Terminal opened on March 30, 2019 as the gateway to the remote island resort.
Direct flights from Narita Airport have been operated, making it easier to access.
Direct flights from Kansai Airport and Hong Kong have also started operation.

Time required to Miyako Airport

Tokyo → Miyako Airport Osaka → Miyako Airport Fukuoka → Miyako Airport
◉from Haneda Airport 2 hours 45 minutes ◉from Itami Airport 3 hours 25 minutes
◉From Kansai International Airport 2 hours 15 minutes
◉from Fukuoka Airport 2 hours 00 minutes

* Since it varies depending on the flight status, it is an approximate guide

Travel time from each airport to Miyakojima Ryowa Hotel

  • Miyako Airport More about 12 minutes
  • Miyako Shimojijima Airport More about 25 minutes
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